ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black

This lightweight K11 bumper case in black from ThanoTech features a high quality aluminium frame which offers great drop protection at all times. Should you wish for extra protection, the case also comes with two easily-removable protective back covers!Bumper design showcases your iPhone's good looksWhilst most of today's cases feature a traditional full cover design, which hides your phones sides, back and sometimes even the front, ThanoTech K11 delivers an excellent protection without impeding the good looks of your iPhone. This ultra-thin 2.25mmbumper design will leave most of your iPhone on display allowing your to flaunt and showcase its beautiful design.A high quality aluminium bumper compliments your iPhone perfectlyCrafted from anti-scratch TPU and high quality 6063 T6 aircraft grade aluminum, the K11 bumper from ThanoTechprotects your device whilst complimenting its sleek aesthetics. With a clear back and a matching colour bumper, the K11 case perfectly compliments your phone, keeping it looking and feeling the way it wasintended.Shock and drop protection for peace of mindIn most cases, the more – the better, however, ThanoTech K11 features an ingenious design, which has been crafted from high quality materials. This not only makes the bumper look good and premium in any setting, but also makes it able to withstand most of the drops of up to 16 foot height. You can now enjoy your iPhone's good looks without compromising its protection.Compatible with most 3rd party cables, screen protectors and other accessoriesDue its low-profile, ultra-thin build of just over 2.25mm, this case offers great compatibility with most of the 3rd party products on the market, which include USB cables, mount holders, and screen protectors. Whilst some of the edge-to-edge screen protectors might not be compatible with this case, most, if not all regular screen protectors should fit it without any issues.Comes with two optional back coversShould you wish to add an additional layer of protection to your iPhone 8/ 7, please be aware that this bumper case comes with two complimentary (1 glossy & 1 matte)and totally optional protective back covers. The installation process is really simple and takes just few seconds, however, it will further reinforce your iPhone against scratching.Access to all ports and featuresThe ThanoTech K11 bumper case optimises functionality to all of the iPhone's ports and features. This bumper case features TPU and Aluminium covered, super tactile and responsive button covers with no wiggle. The case also offers all of the cutouts for the charging port, camera and mute switch, all of which are left open for easy use.

ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - Black
ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - BlackThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - BlackThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case - Black

Verizon Wireless was objecting to the posting of what it said was a preferred roaming list or PRL, which shows the carriers that are responsible for coverage in a geographic area for a particular phone ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black. For example, using a PRL a customer could look up the route of a four-hour trip and see that some areas have no coverage while several carriers trade off coverage for other areas. However, actual PRLs appear as a series of numbers and abbreviations that are difficult for the layperson to translate..

Life, disrupted: In Europe, millions of refugees are still searching for a safe place to settle. Tech should be part of the solution ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black. But is it? CNET investigates. Customs and Border Protection can search your personal electronics without suspicion. A Senate bill introduced Tuesday would change that. If you’re crossing the border into the US, customs officials have broad rights to search your phone, laptop and other electronic devices. You can try to resist. But refusing to tell Customs and Border Protection your password might lead agents to detain you indefinitely, confiscate your devices or send you off to be deported..

After their servers began faltering, Skyfire pulled its own app from the App Store to avoid a crash. Since then, the company doubled its capacity and has been adding more users in batches that the servers can handle. In reality, Skyfire is available for purchase in the App Store unless the servers see future strain. Skyfire has not reported any interruption in performance since. Skyfire’s shaky iPhone browser launch tell us something important about iPhone users, Flash video, and the way forward ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black.

CNET también está disponible en español. Don’t show this again. Despite such negative financial indicators, Gartner has not yet seen any exodus of businesses away from the Web-hosting market leader. However, the company’s uncertain survival should spur businesses to prepare for life after Exodus. Accordingly, Gartner urges them to do the following. • Examine contracts for exit clauses and allowances for assistance with a transition ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black. • Develop a service transition strategy that allows for less than four hours of overall downtime..

You may have sussed that the specs on show here aren’t too flashy, but the flipside is that this tiny tablet should turn out to be pretty cheap. Tech retailer Clove has it listed at £235 with a late February to early March release date. By comparison, the cheapest iPad 2 costs a quid less than £400, although the BlackBerry PlayBook will set you back only £169. Having an old version of Android on board won’t win this tablet any friends though — we’d have expected at least Android Honeycomb, which is the tablet-specific version of Google’s mobile OS. C’mon folks, it’s 2012! Let’s think futuristic ThanoTech K11 iPhone 8 / 7 Aluminium Bumper Case – Black.