KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey

Showcase your iPhone XS Max with the Metal Flex Cover from KSIX. Combining a clear back with a grey metal bumper, this case provides protection, whilst looking sleek and fabulous.Transparent back to showcase youriPhone XS Max, Showcase your stunning iPhone XS Maxwith theMetal Flex Bumper casefrom KSIX. Featuring a clear back, this case ensures that you'll still be able to appreciate yourgorgeous new iPhone, while keeping it very much protected.Hybrid design provides protection against knocks, drops and scratches, Combining a metal bumper frame with a flexible TPU back,the KSIX Metal Flex Case providesmaximum protection for youriPhone XS Max. Not only does it protect your phone against drops and scratches, but it looks great also.Raised bezel that protects your screen from scratches and dirt, This bumper has a raised bezel, that prevents your iPhone XS Max'screen from coming into contact with any flat surface when you place the phone face down. This prevents your iPhone's displayfrom getting any unwanted scratches and dirt on it.Slim and lightweight design, Thanks to the bumper design, the KSIX Metal Flex Case ensures minimal bulk is added, whichhelpsto keep your iPhone XS Max as slim and light as it was originally designed to be.Easily access all ports, controls & connectors, The case also features cut-outs for the ports and features of the iPhone XS Max, includingthe charging portand camera.

KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - Grey
KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - GreyKSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - GreyKSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - GreyKSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - GreyKSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case - Grey

Google apps and services are here in full force, including the new Hangouts app. These go along with essentials such as the calculator, music player, and clock. GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0 are other staples. Camera and video Samsung now equips its premier line with a 13-megapixel camera module, reserving the 8-megapixel shooter for the midrange set. That’s still pretty impressive, and this camera (with continuous autofocus) is a solid performer. Photos are, for the most part, sharp and capture a fair amount of detail when viewed on the phone’s screen, certainly enough to share with friends through e-mail and social-networking services. Viewed at their full resolution, they’re grainy and soft, lacking crispness and finer details like contrast and texture. Low-light shots taken in automatic mode will get you dark, very grainy images, but the phone does have night mode. Overall, though, I’m pleased with the quality for this category of phone KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey.

What I did hear last year was Microsoft was planning to realign the set of Windows SKUs that it will offer OEMs and users. A single Modern consumer SKU would work on Windows Phones, as well as smaller tablets. Myerson didn’t deny this was the plan during my interview with him. He strongly hinted that this new SKU won’t include a Desktop allowing legacy apps to run KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey. This SKU is unlikely to be Windows RT as we know it; Myerson would only say Microsoft plans to offer a version Windows that will run on ARM. I believe this SKU will be free..

Corning lost $9.01 to $33 after it confirmed expectations for the firstquarter, but ratcheted down growth targets for the full year and said it mayannounce layoffs in response to news from Nortel, one of its biggestcustomers. Cisco Systems dropped $2.56 to $28.25 and Lucent Technologies closed off95 cents to $12.67. Among widely held PC stocks, Hewlett-Packard fell $3.22 to $33.13; Dellchopped off $1.50 to $23.50; Gateway clipped $1.40 to $19.55; Compaq slid$1.99 to $21.91; and Apple Computer finished off $1.06 to $19 KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey.

Why are Canadians so gung-ho for streaming? KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey. Levine: Canadians love Google Play generally. The Play Store has been available in Canada for some time selling apps, books, and movies. In the last two years, every time we launched a new Google Play Music feature or launched Google Play Music in a new country, we’ve been inundated with comments from Canadians along the lines of When are you coming to Canada? So there seems to have been a lot of pent-up demand. Google is expanding its Android answer to Apple’s iTunes, and two execs say its streaming-plus-downloads double punch is a knockout..

VerdictA nice-looking protective case, but not a cheap or particularly feature-rich one. RRP: AU$69.95. Rating: 8/10 KSIX Metal Flex iPhone XS Max Bumper Case – Grey. Magnets: Yes. Original iPad Compatibility: Yes, although it doesn’t close all that neatly. What we likedThe Glam is, as the name suggests, a highly conspicuous case in a highly glossy finish. It’s a folio that provides good protection to the iPad 2, holding it in place with a velcro tab. It’s got magnetic support for instant on, and that worked flawlessly for us. Solid strips within the front case cover allow for three viewing angles in widescreen mode..