iPhone X Tough Case – Speck Presidio Clear

Meet the Speck Presidio – the evolution of the popular CandyShell case. An ultra-rugged clear case made from two different protective layers for the iPhone X from Speck. Features enhanced drop protection, 100% clear finish and reduced bulk.Dual reinforced layers of protection for your iPhone XFirstthere was the award winning Speck CandyShell Clear, now that classic design has been refined, improved and evolvedinto the all new Speck Presidio Clear.Comprisinga sophisticated,scratch-resistant matte finishhard outer shell withSpeck's all newrubberised 'Impactium' interior layer,which offers fantastic protection no matter what. The sleek, hard shell protects against drops, scratches and minor impacts and it slides easily in and out of your pockets. The rubberisedImpactium inner lining extends to a bezel, which protects your screen if it falls face downand providesnon-slip stability when you place it face down. Completely clear – let your iPhone's style shine throughProtective benefits aside, the beauty of this design is that you have two contrasting yet complementary materials that do not in any way hide your iPhone's beauty. Not only do they work perfectly together, they look perfect together too in a very subtle way. The materials have even been treated so that they last longer and keep their colour and finish for longer too. None of the horrible yellowing that can often plague clear cases. Military grade drop protection -tested from 8ftTrue, most people aren't anywhere near that tall so who cares?But what if you drop your iPhone down the stairs,overa high wall or out of a window?This case has performed perfectly in that regard so you'll have a case designed to look great and keep your iPhone safe and secure where manycases would struggle. Have peace of mind.Reduced bulkEver the trade off with protective cases, they are often heftier than normal. The Presidio however, is 20% less bulky than even it's slimline predecessor, so you're truly getting a case that's protective and slim enough to hold the iPhone's trim styling beautifully.Designed for the iPhone XThe Presidio has been designed specifically for the iPhone X, meaning it has cut-outs for the ports and features of the iPhone X.

iPhone X Tough Case - Speck Presidio Clear
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I mostly agree with Hicks philosophy, and so I think that 11-years-old is a bit young to give a child a cellphone of her own. Again, I know lots of people do it, and I am not passing judgement. I just think that kids today will have a lifetime of gadgets and cellphones. It won’t hurt them to wait another few years before getting one of their own. Instead, I’d recommend using an old phone or a cheap feature phone as a family phone that can be kept on the family cell phone plan for $10 a month and loaned out to any child in the family on an as needed basis iPhone X Tough Case – Speck Presidio Clear.

But the fight to create new laws or regulation to protect Net neutrality languished after the FCC publicly admonished Comcast for violating its open Internet principles. These principles aren’t regulation and the FCC is somewhat powerless in imposing any real punishment for violating the rules iPhone X Tough Case – Speck Presidio Clear. Still, the slap on the wrist coupled with public outcry was enough to get Comcast to change its practices. Comcast is currently appealing the FCC in federal court over this punishment. Early indications from the trial, which is going on right now, show that the judges may side with Comcast in their decision..

Then there are the IPv4 problems. IPv4 has a limited number of IP addresses, which Microsoft expects to be used up sometime in 2002 or 2003 iPhone X Tough Case – Speck Presidio Clear. Moreover, network address translators (NATs) that let a large number of computers share a single IP address have major drawbacks when trying to set up direct communications between devices or letting devices roam among different access points. Moreover, IPv4 address ownership is concentrated disproportionately in the United States, leaving out Europe and Japan..

Knock Code lets you access your phone by creating your own customized knock or tap pattern. The feature divides your phone’s screen into four invisible quadrants. To set up your security, tap anywhere from two to eight times on the quadrants in a certain sequence. Then tap out that same pattern to unlock the phone iPhone X Tough Case – Speck Presidio Clear. Through Knock Code, you can also wake up and unlock your phone at the same time. LG touts the feature as safer and more convenient than fingerprint recognition and other security measures..