Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black

Bring your iPhone 8 / 7 back to life with this sleek, efficient battery case. A 3100mAh capacity provides enough power for at least one full charge, while the slim build and attractive housing ensure your phone looks great in the case.Revive your iPhone 8 / 7 in styleIf that 4-hour phone conversation, epic YouTube marathon or lengthy gaming session has killed your battery, fear not. This sleek, slim battery case will inject some energyback into your device, leaving you free to do the things you need to for longer. Simply slot the phone inside the case, connect the device to the case's Lightning port and watch your battery come back to life.3,100mAh capacity for at least one full chargeThis case's huge 3,100mAh capacity means at least one full power cycle for your iPhone 8 / 7, so you can game, stream and talk to your heart's content – safe in the knowledge you've got another full charge waiting in your case.Durable, resilient construction protects your device from bumps, scrapes and dropsDon't worry if your iPhone 8 / 7 somehow falls out of your grip. This case is constructed from a resilient and durable material, ensuring all-round protection for your device's back and sides. A slightly raised bezel ensures your device's screen is shielded while face-down on a desk or other surface, too.Protective IC technology efficiently preventsshort-circuiting or overchargingYou'll never need to worry about leaving your phone in this case, or even forgetting to take the case off charge. A built-in protective IC circuit efficiently and effectively defends your device against potential short-circuiting or overcharging, so both your iPhone and the case will never take more power than they absolutely need to.Power pass-through charges your phone and the case simultaneouslyYou don't want to remove your phoneevery time you need to charge this case. That's why the case features pass-through power delivery, meaning while you charge the case you can leave your phone inside – still enjoying all the protective and battery-prolonging benefits you would normally enjoy. The protective IC technology built in to the case delivers only the power each device needs, too, so there's no fear of overcharging or damage to your device at all.4 light LED battery status indicatorNever be left wondering how much power you have left with this battery pack. On the bottom of the case sit 4 LEDs which, at the push of a button, indicate the remaining battery life, as well as displaying how much time remains in the charging process.Sleek, elegant aesthetic complements your iPhone 8 / 7Although this is a battery case, the build is surprisingly sleek and form-fitting, perfectly complementing the gorgeous design of your iPhone 8 / 7. This is truly a case which offers astonishing function while not sacrificing an impressive form.Access to all ports, features and controlsAs this case was made specifically for the iPhone 8 / 7, you can be sure of full access to all of your device's ports, controls and connectors – including the volume andpower buttons, stereo speakersand camera.

Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - Black
Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - BlackSlim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case - Black

A little smaller and a lot cheaper than the original HTC One, the HTC One Mini is one of the best phones in its class Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black. Exclusive to AT&T, the Mini, left, isn’t so small after all. It’s got the same depth and almost the same height and width, though the screen does come in at a smaller 4.3 inches compared with the One’s 4.7-inch display. Even at full brightness, the Mini’s screen is slightly less vibrant and colorful on its LCD 2 material. The Mini may keep the One’s characteristic shape and design, but to cut down weight and costs, HTC’s engineers swapped out some of the aluminum for this plastic band. The result still looks dapper and sophisticated..

The first great smartphone of 2015. Beautiful and bold..with complications. The new no-compromise MacBook. A stellar on-ear headphone. Crave-worthy curves for a premium price. The Good The Huawei Verge has a user-friendly design and a bright display. The Bad The Verge has variable call quality Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black. The camera and Web browser aren’t worth the trouble. The Bottom Line The Huawei Verge gets points for simplicity, but there are better basic phones in MetroPCS’ stable. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion..

It comes in two different shades of black, as well as silver, gold and rose gold. The iPhone 7 only has one camera, while the iPhone 7S has two, a wide-angle and a telephoto. For the first time ever, the iPhone will have stereo speakers Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black. There is no headphone jack. If you want to use your headphones, you’ll have to use an adapter. Apple introduced a pair of wireless headphones. They connect automatically with your iPhone or Apple Watch. No pairing or unpairing. They have 5 hours of battery life. Can recharge in case for up to 24 hours listening..

The Galaxy S3 is among a growing list of Samsung models susceptible to remote wipe attack Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black. A number of Samsung smartphones have been found to be vulnerable to a remote factory reset, according to details surfacing today. The hack, which was detailed at a recent Ekoparty security conference, shows that the Galaxy S3 is susceptible to the simple reset. As Slashgear tells us, the process can be enabled in multiple ways, including NFC, QR code, or pushed from a Web site. Once initiated, the factory wipe cannot be canceled or undone. What’s more, the user will not receive any advance warning or opportunity to take preventative measures. And, as if that weren’t bad enough, it’s also possible for the bad guys to kill the handset’s current SIM card..

CNET también está disponible en español Slim Fit 3100mAh iPhone 8 / 7 Battery Case – Black. Don’t show this again. We’ve spent our week at Mobile World Congress assessing the merits of the various upcoming Android tablets and guessing at what Apple might have up its sleeve for the iPad 2, but we can’t forget that BlackBerry has its 7-inch PlayBook on the brink of release. We stole a moment with the PlayBook to get a feel for its unique user interface and to check out some of the new EA games that will ship with the device. Between the PlayBook user interface and the home screens of the iPad and Google’s Honeycomb, we like the BlackBerry best. Research In Motion (RIM) appears to have given more thought on how to best utilise the home-screen real estate, and without legacy apps and widgets to accommodate, the PlayBook’s is rich without being cluttered..